Create A Kitty Corner!

What You’ll Need:

  • Side table
  • Twisted jute rope
  • Short tension rod
  • Two window valances

1.  Using the jute rope, create a scratching post by wrapping the rope around the legs of your side table. This will protect the legs and offer entertainment to your furry friends!

2. Measure the height and width of your table and cut your window valances to match the size. Once you’ve done that, you can put the valences on a tension rod and place the rod between the legs.

3. Place your litter box under the table behind the valences and show your feline family member where his or her litter box has been moved to! You can always encourage them with some treats or catnip if they’re a bit reluctant of their new potty location. 4 Petsake is a great local Houston business that specializes in healthy and delicious pet treats! You can follow them on IG to see which farmer’s market they’ll be at next, or you can always order online.

Now your cat(s) can go about their business without your visitors watching!

Bonus Tip:

I use wood pellets as litter for my kitty and it’s so much more affordable than regular litter! It’s also not as messy and doesn’t smell. The wood pellets just turn into saw dust when they get wet. I use this brand and order it from Chewy once every 6 months or so, talk about major savings!