Some DIY projects should be left for the pros, but painting doesn’t have to be one of them. Basic painting seems easy enough, however sometimes there are those hard-to-paint areas and you might regret not hiring a professional. Instead of hanging up the towel, try out these tricks for those spots and see if you can finish your project all on your own.

Painting Window Trim

Painting the wood dividing panes and sashes on windows can seem daunting at first. Most people think that lining your windows with painters tape will help, but that is usually just a waste of time. Instead, just paint away! This is the one time it is okay to get a little paint outside of your target area. When paint gets on the glass, allow it to dry and scrape it off with a razor blade. Try not to let the paint set for longer than a day.

Painting Behind Toilets

Sometimes, the hardest places to paint are the tight spaces where we can’t really do much to make that space bigger. This is where you will need a “hot dog” roller. They are smaller than regular rollers and when attached to a longer handle, they can make painting in tight spaces a breeze.

Painting High Ceilings

If you have a high ceiling or a tall wall where a ladder can’t safely reach, you’ve usually got a challenging situation. This is where a paintbrush extension tool comes in. Rather than attaching a roller to a pole and losing stability, an extension tool is more like an extension of your arm. Make sure to avoid dripping paint by loading less paint on the brush than you typically would for a wall right in front of you.